Irresistibly cute footwear, clothing and accessories that are not only loved by kids but also by their parents. Donsje is an Amsterdam based childrenswear brand founded in 2013.

All their products are exclusive designs, hand made from premium leather and refined fabrics. Born in their Indonesian factory the idea is to allow local women to work from home when they have a family and enable them to earn a living. Booties and accessories are still handmade in this way and presented in gorgeous gift bags to the customer.

Winter 2018 saw the introduction of the shoe and boots collection pushing the age group up to 6 years alongside the clothing that compliments the overall vintage and natural look.

“Our signature style reflects the love for vintage treasures, the passion for natural materials and the inspiration from faraway places.”

Donsje donates a part of its profits to the Shining Star foundation, www.shiningstar-africa.com. Founded by Donsje designer and owner Floor Slingeland and her husband Skief while living in Nairobi, the couple felt overwhelmed by the suffocating poverty of children living in city slums. “We believe every child deserves a chance to a bright future, no matter what their social or economic background.” Every year Shining Star helps to give over 100 kids a better start in life. 

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