Bella + Frank, classically British yet scrupulously current and unpredictably adventurous.

Mother and daughter designers Lesley and Hannah hope that their brand will be an example of how contemporary fashion can show its commitment to nature, artistic endeavour and to the environment: quirky and principled. Bella+Frank is the culmination of years of rigorous research into the fashion and textile industry in the UK.

Characteristically fascinated with animals and prints, this is a brand for radical individuality and youthful expressiveness, sustainability, non-gendered designs and an unabashed celebration of the animal kingdom.

As a brand, their commitment to protecting our environment has only deepened, reaching out to Friends of the Earth and partnering with FoE allows them to bring eco-consciousness to families across the UK and spread the word about how you and your kids can help the environment.

Read more about their collaborations: Friends of the Earth, “Join the Bee Cause”; Ellen McCarthur Foundation/New Plastics Economy