Arch & Line

Arch & Line, a Japanese brand that believes children and adults can enjoy fashion together.

Detail is fundamental. Following the growth of children, Arch&Line aims to make clothing that is beautiful, using fine materials to increase texture .

Naoto Koike is the creative mind behind Arch&Line, father of three children, in 2002 he decided to start his new kids adventure.

Clothes are designed without age target, because the whole family will enjoy the ageless design of the brand. Elegance meets sophistication, the colour scheme is minimal and the shapes are simple, stylish and fashionable. Perfection.

“I would like to add quality to the daily arrival of daily use and enrich my daily life. I am hoping to continue making such children’s clothes that I want to cherish forever, not expendables”

Summer 2020 appointments: Paris @Playtime 29th June – 1st July’19